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Colorado-Based E-Cigarette Company Ordered to Cease Sale of Unauthorized Vaping Products

Colorado-Based E-Cigarette Company Ordered to Cease Sale of Unauthorized Vaping Products

A Colorado e-cigarette manufacturer has been mandated to halt the sale of unauthorized vaping products that pose significant public health risks, especially to minors, the U.S. Justice Department announced on Tuesday.

Boosted LLC, operating as Boosted E-Juice, was found to have breached the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act by distributing adulterated and misbranded tobacco products across state lines. Despite several warnings, the company continued selling its flavored e-liquids online, according to the complaint.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) had previously alerted owner Cory Vigil that the products, including flavors such as “Dragon Fruit Coconut Milkshake,” “Horchata Milkshake,” and “Raspberry Milkshake,” were misbranded due to the absence of the necessary FDA marketing authorization.

“The illegal sale of these unauthorized vaping products represents a substantial public health risk, particularly to young people,” stated Brian Boynton, Principal Deputy Assistant Attorney General of the Justice Department’s Civil Division.

According to the FDA, there are currently 23 tobacco-flavored e-cigarette products and devices that are legally sold in the United States. The ban on Boosted’s unauthorized products marks the first enforcement action since the Justice Department and the FDA launched a federal task force to curb the illegal sale of e-cigarettes.

In a legal settlement, Boosted LLC has agreed to a permanent injunction and the destruction of all banned products in their possession.

“Those who choose to violate the law must face the consequences. Today’s action underscores the FDA’s commitment to working with federal partners to enforce compliance,” said Brian King, Director of the FDA’s Center for Tobacco Products.

“This action taken by the FDA and DOJ exemplifies our comprehensive approach to tackling the illegal e-cigarette market in the country,” King added.

The Justice Department’s announcement highlights the government’s intensified efforts to regulate the vaping industry and protect public health, particularly among vulnerable youth populations. This move is a clear signal to other manufacturers about the stringent enforcement of regulations governing the sale of e-cigarette products.

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Additional Information:

Health Risks and Regulatory Measures

Unauthorized vaping products often escape rigorous testing and approval processes, posing unknown health risks. The FDA’s regulatory framework aims to ensure that all vaping products meet safety standards before reaching consumers. The crackdown on Boosted LLC is part of a broader initiative to eliminate non-compliant products from the market.

Federal Multi-Agency Task Force

The task force, comprising various federal agencies, was established to enhance coordination and enforcement actions against the illegal e-cigarette market. This collaborative effort seeks to address the public health crisis posed by unregulated vaping products and ensure that all products comply with federal laws.

Impact on the Vaping Industry

This enforcement action serves as a warning to other e-cigarette manufacturers and retailers about the importance of adhering to federal regulations. It also underscores the ongoing efforts by the Justice Department and FDA to protect public health by ensuring that only authorized products are available in the market.


The case of Boosted LLC highlights the significant steps being taken by federal authorities to regulate the e-cigarette industry and protect public health. With the continued collaboration between the FDA and the Justice Department, the enforcement of vaping regulations is expected to become even more stringent, ensuring safer products for consumers.


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