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Flying Horse Vape Review: A Detailed Look from an Experienced Vaper

flying horse vape brand

This is a comprehensive review of Flying Horse Vape products. Flying Horse vape sales good in the US. My insights aim to guide both new users and fellow enthusiasts through the intricacies of what Flying Horse has to offer.

Flying Horse Vape brand

Design & Quality

Flying Horse opts for a distinctive approach in their product design, centering around a whimsical cartoon flying horse. This choice clearly aims to inject a fun, youthful vibe into their branding, which may appeal to a certain demographic but could deter those who prefer a more understated or professional aesthetic. The visual presentation on their official website and the product imagery doesn’t quite hit the mark of modern digital professionalism, which may affect initial consumer trust and perception of quality.

The physical design of their disposables, like the Stoner Blend 3G and 7G, doesn’t break new ground in vaping hardware. They are standard in shape and size, but the printed cartoons might feel a bit out of place in a market that often favors sleek, tech-oriented designs. However, the use of USB Type C for recharging is a plus, aligning with current tech standards and offering users convenience.

Flavors and Taste

Flavor is where Flying Horse seems to invest most of their creative energy. Their range includes everything from ‘White Runtz’ and ‘Hindu Kush’ to more adventurous blends like ‘Brain Cast Mint’ and ‘Rose Lychee’. The Stoner Blend series, featuring combinations of THC-A, DELTA 6, and THC-P, suggests a deep dive into creating impactful and memorable experiences for the user. The use of natural Terpenes to enhance flavor authenticity is a significant plus, providing a more organic taste profile that will likely resonate well with connoisseurs.

That said, the execution of some flavors can be inconsistent. While some users may find the complexity of ‘Alaskan Thunder’ or the subtlety of ‘Ice Cream Cake’ delightful, others might find flavors like ‘Pink Panties’ somewhat overpowering or lacking in the finesse expected at this price point.

Function and Performance

Functionally, Flying Horse vapes perform competently. The two-click pre-heat feature is a standout, optimizing the vaping experience by warming the liquid just enough to enhance flavor delivery without overheating. The disposables are equipped with mesh coil technology.

However, performance can waver with prolonged use. Some users have reported a drop-off in vapor quality and flavor intensity over time, which might indicate variability in coil quality or issues with the vape juice formulation.


Flying Horse vapes are priced within a competitive range, from $19.99 for a 3-gram disposable to $39.99 for a 7-gram pack. Considering the innovative blends and the rechargeable feature, these prices are positioned to attract both budget-conscious and premium-focused smokers. The value proposition is fairly strong, especially for those intrigued by the unique cannabinoid profiles offered.


Flying Horse offers an intriguing option in the saturated vape market, particularly for those drawn to extensive flavor options and playful branding. The price points are reasonable, the designs are functional, and the flavor profiles are diverse. However, the brand could enhance its appeal with a more polished digital presence and refine the consistency of its product quality to foster greater loyalty among users.

Investors and potential users should approach with cautious optimism. While there is a lot to like about Flying Horse, especially for those who value variety and innovative cannabinoid combinations, the inconsistencies in product execution and the somewhat niche appeal of its branding suggest a more selective market fit.

In conclusion, Flying Horse is a not bad brand. It may not cater to every vaper’s needs, but for those seeking a unique blend of fun, flavor, and functionality, it’s certainly worth a try. Just keep an eye on the potential variances in quality and ensure that the whimsical design aligns with your personal style preferences.


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