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Belgium to Implement Europe’s First Ban on Disposable Vapes Starting 2025

Belgium to Implement Europe’s First Ban on Disposable Vapes-Starting 2025

Starting January 1, 2025, Belgium will prohibit the sale of disposable vapes, commonly referred to as ‘vapes,’ following approval from the European Commission. This landmark decision was announced by Federal Health Minister Frank Vandenbroucke (Vooruit) on Saturday.

Smoking remains one of the leading causes of illness and preventable death in Belgium. To combat this, Vandenbroucke has introduced a series of measures under his “anti-tobacco plan,” aimed at encouraging individuals to quit smoking and preventing others from starting.

“The disposable vape is highly damaging to both society and the environment, predominantly targeting our youth. I am pleased that we can now take steps to remove this harmful product from the market,” stated Vandenbroucke in a press release.

Marketing Concerns and Youth Appeal

Vandenbroucke highlighted the concerning marketing strategies used to promote these vapes, describing them as “very savvy” and “youth-oriented.” Despite the current ban on selling vapes to minors in Belgium, a 2023 inspection revealed that approximately 75% of sales points still sold disposable vapes to minors, violating existing regulations.

Belgium to Implement Europe’s First Ban on Disposable Vapes Starting 2025

In his 2021 anti-tobacco plan, Vandenbroucke had already outlined intentions to ban disposable vape by 2025. Regulations for this ban were submitted to the European Commission, necessitating a review against the Tobacco Products Directive. After three years of ongoing discussions and additional arguments, the Commission finally approved the ban this week.

A Pioneering Role in Europe

“Belgium is leading the way in Europe in challenging the influence of the tobacco lobby,” Vandenbroucke emphasized. “This decision marks a significant milestone in our ongoing battle against tobacco.”

With the Royal Decree now in progress, Belgium will become the first European country to outlaw the sale of disposable vape.

“Our goal is to cultivate a smoke-free generation, protecting young people from exposure to tobacco and alternative smoking methods,” Vandenbroucke said. “By removing this extremely harmful and low-cost product from the market, we are taking a vital step in this direction.”

Regulation of Non-Disposable Vapes

While regular, non-disposable vapes will remain available for purchase, as they are often used as smoking cessation tools, new restrictions will apply. “We have agreed that these products should no longer feature lights or other attractive elements,” Vandenbroucke announced. “The primary purpose of these vapes should be to help individuals quit smoking, not to entice them to start.”

This decisive action by Belgium sets a precedent for other European nations and reinforces the country’s commitment to public health and environmental protection.

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